IT Project Manager Resume

Guidelines for IT Project Manager Resume

The information technology project manager is the one who brings the high technology designs into a reality. The IT project manager must have managerial abilities blended well with sound technological awareness and knowledge. Some of the basic skills that he must possess are leadership, appropriate time management, communication abilities and technological awareness. He is the one who prepares the schedules for projects, guides the development of the work break down structure, crafts the variance reports and brings together the work effect documents and the risk management plans etc.

If you are applying for the job of an IT Project manager then your IT Project Manager Resume shall adhere to certain essential aspects to ensure your selection. Some of them are stated below:

Projects you have accomplished

First and foremost you must understand that there is a vast difference between someone who has accomplished 20 or larger to medium projects as a project manager and someone who has less than 5 projects up his sleeve. It will not be wise on your part to let your prospective employer understand this difference instead you should summarize your experience indicating the scale and scope of large projects. It is not wise to give a detailed description of whatever you have done so far. Instead of listing the details of various project handled you can attach a project addendum that shall be a support for your resume.

Techniques, tools and methodology used

if you feel that you have a good practice of the proven methodologies and tools to maintain time bound delivery, high quality level and external or internal client satisfaction, then let your IT Project Manager Resume speak so. Since most of the companies have internal policies and standards it will prove to be advantageous if you let them know that you are well equipped  with the most effective and common methodologies. Some of the methodologies are Scrum, Agile, waterfall, Rational Unified process etc.

Challenges Faced

All projects include some or the other projects. Your IT Project Manager Resume shall give you an edge over the others if you let it talk about any alternative device or supplier that facilitated the elimination of delay in your previous project, how innovative skills incorporated by you worked for the project’s success, how you ensured that the project was on track, etc

Interaction with stakeholders

If your IT Project Manager Resume portrays your capacity to understand the stakeholders business needs and your ability to implement an apt solution with an anticipated profit then you have a higher chance of being the part of your potential employer’s organization. Effective interactive skills hold immense significance in the eyes of the employers while recruiting an IT Project Manager. So carefully implement the communication of your communicative skills through your IT Project Manager ResumeIf you have testimonials from any users then quoting one or two can be quite beneficial.